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identify in title

Identify! Identify! tells you what format a file has, regardless of any other software on your PC
Size: 1,111K
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extension format e-mail notification identify recognize  
IDentify Prints ATA device information
Size: 1.9M
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command prompt scanner location device information  
Identify Docs An easy to use software package that allows the user to process a CD or entire file folder structure of Tiff images. The processing includes performing Optical Character Recognition on the image and s
Size: 3.52MB
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Stamp ocr process text-based logs text files Stamper  
Identify Frequencies Radio amateurs can use this software to scan frequency files.
Size: 12 KB
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radio scanner Frequency radio frequency frequency scanner  
Miss Identify Search for Windows applications
Size: 16 KB
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search searcher search application Win32 Win32 application  
FMH Identify This program tries to identify a given file and starts a program matching this file type. If this program returns an error code, searching will be continued. FMH-Identify returns an error code if no m
Size: 27K
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identify identify person type error error identify  

identify in tags

Sumation Explorer Use Sumation Explorer to safely identify, analyze, and act on your storage capacity issues
Size: 2.1 MB
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Analyze storage free space storage capacity  
Socket Security Auditor Identifies the insecurely bound sockets
Size: 653 KB
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perfect-bound socket identify Security Auditor  
FingerPoint A system for biometric person identification using fingerprints
Size: 7.8 MB
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security fingerprint identify fingerprint scan  
EZIdentify It will identify the make, model, and version of any web site's server software
Size: 62 KB
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server identification identify  
QuickID Encrypt and protect sensitive information on your Palm with just one master pass
Size: 24 KB
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workstation identify ID get id get network id  
fooCDtect Can identify if your audio CDs/lossless files were made from CDDA (original) or a lossy source.
Size: 126 KB
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plug-in identify lossy disc Foobar2000 lossy  

identify in description

StripeSpotter StripeSpotter is a simple application that allows you to identify animals in photographs. You can add several pictures to your database and identify the animals in them. After adding the animals to th...
Size: 1.2 MB
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animal identification identify animal photo  
TransposonPSI Edit By [b]TransposonPSI[/b] is an Analysis tool to identify protein or nucleic Acid sequence homology to proteins encoded by diverse families of transposable elements. PSI-Blast is used with a collec...
Size: -
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free java antivirus samsung mobile wallpepar  
Executable Explorer Basic Edition Executable Explorer enables you to monitor and identify changes to parts of your system, identify changes to an application and its DLLs and identify problems within an application and its DLLs, both ...
Size: 1.29MB
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ActiveX DLLs identify bacteria Identify ESI com dlls  
SLPSoft Interactive Application Modeling The tool allows users to visually identify all the elements of the project. By using the Interactive Application Modeling to model a project, managers can gain better knowledge of project and identify...
Size: 48977983
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manager Management diagram employee project management  
Print Management Cost Control Support all type printers and set up the policy printing for each user in variety such as identify authorized user, identify quota printing, identify print size etc, including printing report system w...
Size: 23.1 MB
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manager print printer printer monitor printer manager  
PrintManagement Support all type printer and set up the policy printing for each user in variety such as identify authorized user, identify quota printing, identify print size etc… including printing report system ...
Size: 20 KB
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manage printing jobs virtual clipboard multiple printers